Do and Make

This is probably one of the most difficult verbs in the English language.  It can only be learned by practice.  To a native speaker it is easy and logical.  To someone that has one word that means both, it can be complex.

For the most part, “do” is an action and “make” is creating.  Generally I will do something that already exists and make something that that does not exist.

We will look at a few of  these in the infinitive:

  1. Make a mess.
  2. Do your job.
  3. Do a project.
  4. Make a bicycle.
  5. Do exercises.
  6. Make a cup of tea.
  7. Make a toy.
  8. Make a sword.
  9. Make the bed.
  10. Do the chores.
  11. Do not run.

I will make a scope so that you can do the project.

I made this website so that you can do your studies.

The teacher made the students do their homework.


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