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There are many benefits to learning Portuguese online.   It reduces the challenges of time and distance.  It also provides higher quality by matching students with native teachers who are certified in and live in Brazil.

  • Classes can be adapted you your needs rather than you having to adapt to the class.  You can learn in the convenience of your own home or office.  You do not have to go to Rio to get a Brazilian teacher with a Carioca accent.  This allows you to learn proper pronunciation in a relaxed environment.  Stress is proven to reduce the ability to learn.
  • Our teachers are certified Brazilian teachers.  They will be there to help you with your learning needs.
  • Each lesson consists of a 50 minute online class, live with your teacher.  The same teacher will be with you for the entire term.  Each term consist of 16 lessons.  There will be a beginning, midterm, and final assessment to evaluate each student.  You will login to a course page for assignments, class schedules, assessments/exams, and forums for questions and answers.  We will provide support any of your technical or learning needs.

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