Well Well


“Well” adverb 1. in a good or satisfactory manner: Business is going well. 2. thoroughly, carefully, or soundly: to shake well before using; listen well. 3. in a moral or proper manner: to behave well. 4. commendably, meritoriously, or excellently: a difficult task well done. 5. with propriety, justice, or …

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Online Basic Portuguese with Brazilian Teachers


Classes with native Brazilian teachers

Welcome to B4PL.com. We are a premier online learning academy.

Acquiring a new language opens doors and leads to new opportunities. B4PL.com makes it easy and fun to learn new languages from the comfort of your own home. Our students participate in a live virtual classroom and learn from certified, native-speaking instructors. Lessons are conducted in small groups or private sessions to ensure students get the most out of their learning experience. Virtual classes are conducted via live video conferencing and students can see their teacher via webcam and can interact with the teacher and fellow students using a headset and microphone. Lesson materials are presented via a multimedia application on the student’s computer screen.