Translation Services

We provide three types of interpreting services: simultaneous, consecutive, and escort.

Simultaneous Interpreting
Most frequently used for large conferences or meetings, simultaneous interpreting requires the linguist to “translate” what the speaker is saying as they speak. Thus, the interpreter is both listening and speaking at the same time.
Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the most widely used type of on-site interpreting services and is most appropriate in smaller settings, such as training workshops, meetings, negotiations and technical seminars. During consecutive interpreting, the speaker speaks for a few minutes (a few paragraphs), then pauses. The interpreter takes notes and then orally conveys (translates) the speaker’s message during the pause. The key element in consecutive interpreting is note taking: the interpreter must record ideas and then translate them back into the words of another language without pause.

Escort Interpreting
Another form of consecutive interpreting is often called escort interpreting. If you are hosting a delegation of visitors from another country, you may want to use an escort interpreter for meeting clients at the airport, tours and excursions. Escort interpreters generally translate informal conversations.

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